Save time before coming to Pender’s pet hospital and animal care centers by filling out one of the following forms before your visit. Depending on what veterinary service you seek for your pet, you may need to fill out additional forms or bring additional information with you for your visit. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the following forms, or if you have any questions involving your pet’s appointment at Pender.

Pender Veterinary Centre Forms: 

New Client Form

Outpatient Care Form

Referral Letter and Form

Pender Pet Retreat Forms: 

Online Boarding Contract

Online Holiday Deposits Form

Boarding Contract

Rate Cards

Flea and Tick Policy


Pender Exotics Veterinary Centre Forms:

Avian History Form

Mammal History Form

New Patient Form

Boarding Forms:

Boarding Release Form

Boarding Requirements Form

Guinea Pig




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