"I appreciate being given extra IV bags to use as a covering to protect Wrigley's paw when we went outside." Carol R., Oakton, VA.

"Our dog was spayed and it was very gratifying to get a call from the vet following up on her. Update we received while she was an in patient was very welcomed." Lesa C., Clifton, VA.

"I love how caring your staff are. My drive from old town Alexadria is always worth it." Michelle C., Alexandria, VA.

"Yes! Love Pender - Wonderful, smart staff! Great Care of our dog when she wasn't feeling well!" Callee, C., Reston, VA.

"Great Job all around" Lambertus J., Reston, VA.

"LOVE Dr. Simpkins-she's the best! We drive from Haymarket just for her!" Kim F., Haymarket, VA

"We are very pleased with the special attention we received from Dr. Richards and Dr. Hyatt.. They are very professional." Patty C. Fairfax, VA.

"Your staff is very knowledgeable & experienced and worked with us to lay out a reasonable course of treatment without just automatically prescribing every test and procedure possible. They are also faithful and adventurous to show up for duty in every kind of horrible weather." Joe F., Woodbridge, VA

"Dr.Carroll was outstanding as were the techs & receptionist always" Lorna J., Alexandria, VA

"Everyone in your office does their job very well." Mary M., South Riding, VA

"I was very comfortable trusting Pender. Even though they were busy that day I got the attention like I was the only pet owner there. Everything was explained when I arrived, staff called to tell me how everything went. Very happy w/ whole experience. We were only there for the day, but communication was great." Christine C., Bristow, VA.

"Outstanding treatment start to pick up. Dr. Voell is wonderful-always provides the care and treatment that is the very best. Staff extremely courteous & helpful. Addressed all concerns & spent time to be sure all my questions were answered. Received a call from both the staff & from Dr. Voell to put our minds at ease. They were glad to provide an update middle of the night." Susan G., Reston, VA

"Not hospitalized but informed by Dr. Denney re operation by phone." Stephen H., Fairfax, VA

"Amazing level of care, compassion & attention. Doctor thoroughly explained all aspects of exam & possible options." Susan K., Warrenton, VA.

"Dr. Brown was terrific-We love her and so does our dog!" Nina Z., Fairfax, VA.

"Dr. Denney treated our previous dog with the greatest of care and is doing the same for Jake. We trust his judgment and his excellent attention to detail. I felt my dog was safe. They kept me apprised and lines of communication were open if we should need them. Perfect for us." Roy B., Bethesda, MD

"As always I’m very pleased! So nothing to improve on at this time." Thanks. Andy G., Centreville, VA

"We always appreciate the care Dr. Hyatt gives our pet. We also like his thorough explanation of what he did, or what will need to occur to keep our dog healthy." Glen J., Chantilly, VA.

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Pender Veterinary Centre

Pender Veterinary Centre is our general practice at Pender, where dogs and cats can receive the best in surgical, routine and diagnostic care from our esteemed team of 27 veterinarians. Whether you’re bringing your kitten in for a routine check-up or you’re interested in learning more about oral surgery procedures that could benefit your dog, your companion animals receive the highest standard of care from the veterinarians, nurses and technicians at Pender Veterinary Centre.


Veterinary Services at Pender Veterinary Centre


Osteoarthritis is typically the result of normal aging or from joint injuries. Rheumatoid arthritis, a disorder that prompts the pet’s immune system to attach its own soft tissue and joints, is rare but also very painful. Our veterinarians can customize specific care programs and have a number of ways to help your pet live comfortably with either condition


It can be very frustrating to love your pets while living with their behavior problems. Most behavior issues can be corrected, and our veterinarians and nurses can determine if the underlying cause is a medical problem. Our trainers can help you with the non-medical concerns. We’re all here to help!


There are a number of different forms of cancer that represent various diseases that cause cells in your pet’s body to grow abnormally. Our veterinary team may perform blood tests, urine and fecal analysis, tissue biopsies, X-rays or ultrasound to properly diagnose your pet’s cancer. Therapy can range from drugs and radiation to surgery. When detected early, many cancers can be curable or put in remission. The veterinarians at Pender may also suggest nutritional support to alter your pet’s metabolism and support the immune system may also be in order.

Ear Infections:

Ear mites (tiny, crab-like parasites that feed on ear tissues, wax and fluid) can live in your pet’s ear canal and cause infection and inflammation. Bacterial and fungal infections are also common and can cause extreme pain and ruptured ear drums if left untreated.

Eye problems:

Dripping eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, diseased eyes, cataracts and other concerns are common in dogs and cats. Diagnosing the correct underlying cause and treating it can bring prompt relief to your pet.


A growing number of pets as well as humans are suffering from Diabetes mellitus. Suggested causes include obesity, diet or issues with your pet’s pancreas or endocrine system. While we can help your diabetic pet, we would love the opportunity to help prevent diabetes through various treatments and consultations.


Putting your pet on the right diet can help her fight some forms of disease, can optimize weight to extend lifespan and can give your pet the look of a champion. Sick and healthy pets alike can benefit from nutrition counseling, so ask away if you have any questions!

Health certificates for travel

We can guide you through each country's requirements and provide the proper vaccinations and paperwork to allow your pet to travel to other countries. Please contact early, however, as some countries have rigorous requirements that involve a wait period.

House Calls

When it’s difficult or inconvenient for you to bring your pets to us, we’ll be happy to come to you. Please give a 24-hour notice for these appointments.

International pet shipping

Shipping an animal to another country can be complicated; let us help. We offer assistance with the vaccinations as well as the paperwork and actual shipping, if needed. Requirements vary by country, so please contact us early so we can expedite your pet's travel.

New Section Laser Therapy:

Without anesthesia, drugs or surgery, this new therapy uses photons of light to accelerate the body’s healing process. Commonly used for such issues as chronic pain, osteoarthritis, swelling, joint problems or hot spots. See case studies, videos and MORE  Laser Therapy


Fleas, ticks, heartworms, giardia, ear mites and other pests can pose a serious health problem to your pet, and to other members of your family in some cases. Talk with us about effective parasite prevention.


For your convenience, we have an in-house pharmacy and online refill services [insert link: Rx Refill page] for many prescriptions. Pender also offers low prices on flea, tick and heartworm control products if your pet is examined here and a member of the Pender pet community.

Physical exam:

A comprehensive physical exam can spot problems early and optimize your pet’s health and lifespan. Every organ of your pet’s body will be examined. Certain screening tests may also be in order, depending on your pet’s age and condition. Senior pets need to be examined more often as early detection and intervention can avoid pain and extend life. 


Is your dog dragging its butt, literally, then your dog may have a serious condition. Healthy anal sacs on your dog fill with liquid that is expelled during defecation to mark territory. Disease can occur when fluids build up in the glands without being properly expelled. This can lead to infection, abscesses and extreme discomfort for your dog. Having a veterinarian manually squeeze out or “express” these glands regularly can prevent disease, and save you from dealing with the pungent stench that occurs when your dog expresses these glands himself in your home or car.

New Section Senior Pet Care:

Pender has a deep commitment to caring for aging pets – helping them prolong their health and live pain-free. See MORE   Senior Pet Care


Our diagnostic labs and surgical suites are state-of-the-art, and our well-trained healthcare team provides 24/7 state-of-the-heart care before and after surgery. Whether your pet needs routine, emergency, orthopedic or laser surgery, we’re here to help.


Keeping your pet immunized against species-specific parasites and disease can both optimize your pet’s health and extend its life. Vaccinations are an important part of the Pender wellness program, designed to keep your pet as happy and as healthy as possible.