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Pender Veterinary Centre

Donate to the Angel Fund

Available only in our Fairfax location

Pender's Angel Fund

The mission of the Angel Fund is to assist our families, neighbors, and friends in caring for their beloved pets in times of greatest need.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a veterinary emergency, and even the most prepared owner is not able to handle the financial burden required for these unexpected visits. The Angel Fund is intended to help these animals, as well as those that have treatable diseases and injuries that are surrendered instead of being euthanized.

The fund is to be for non-routine, in-hospital use only and for clients of Pender Veterinary Centre. The Angel Fund has guidelines to ensure that only the most deserving pets receive funds towards their treatment resulting from emergencies and unexpected, sudden illnesses. All pets who receive funds for their treatment must have a good prognosis from the veterinarian which indicates that the pet will likely fully recover.

The Angel Fund is fully funded by donations, and funds are subject to availability.