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Pender Veterinary Centre

Herbal Integrative Medicine

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Herbs have been used successfully to treat animals for thousands of years.

Most conventional medicines are derived from herbs, but studies have shown that using the entire plant is more beneficial to the healing process. Herbs can be useful in helping manage a variety of conditions, including pain, metabolic diseases, and medication side effects.

They can be used alone, but are often used in combination with conventional prescriptions to help decrease side effects. Herbal supplements are typically prescribed for longer periods of time than conventional medications and will need dose adjustments along the course. The benefit of herbs is to return the body back to its normal balance.

A traditional Chinese medicine consult will need to be scheduled and performed by a certified herbal practitioner. This will determine if your pet is a good fit for herbal supplements and which ones he/she may benefit from. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the condition of your pet. Every decision and treatment is customized to the specific needs of your pet so that we can best manage their condition or recovery.