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Dr. Andrew Voell

Dr. Andrew Voell

Dr. Andrew Voell


I like so many aspects of my job, but if I had to narrow down certain areas of veterinary medicine that I would say are my favorites, it would be doing ultrasounds, ophthalmology, cardiology, surgery, and caring for senior doggies and kitties. Forming close relationships with both pet and parent is one of the truly rewarding parts of my job.

I have been working at Pender now for over 23 years. It has been such a great place to work. I love living in Virginia and it’s a blessing to work here also. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed caring for folks’ pets. I enjoy getting to know not only the pets but the “moms & dads” also.


As I approach a half century old some of my interests have changed. I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy gardening, reading, and exercising as well. I have coached one of my sons soccer team for multiple years now and words don’t describe how much fun our family has had doing that. Rocking on the porch and reading while sipping coffee without falling asleep is also a silent joy of mine – especially in the fall when its perfect Jeans & Flannel weather! I am “slowly” picking up photography but have a ways to go…… a long way.     Watching college football and basketball can become an addition that needs to be managed well. At the end of the day, I like to serve others. I have been so blessed in many ways and I hope to be able to serve others with the same love that has been shown to me.


Undergrad at Texas A&M University and Veterinary School at Cornell University Class of 1991.


I came to Pender back in 1991. I have never left. There are many reasons that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I enjoy animals, am social creature and enjoy getting to know folks, I like the challenge of medicine and trying to figure things out, and it always changes – no day is ever the same. The clients here at Pender Veterinary Centre are among the best in the country. Truly. I have seen first hand – time and time again – the love and compassion and commitment Pender clients have for their animals and they have allowed me to experience – day in and day out – a fulfilling professional career.