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Dr. George Mikhael

Dr. George Mikhael at Pender Veterinary Centre

Dr. George Mikhael


“If you only do what is easy, you will always remain weak” Joyce Meyer


Surgeries, Ultrasound and Emergency medicine.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my 2 boys, Kevin and Gabriel as well as playing video games and studying to develop my knowledge and career. I love being around and interacting with people.


DVM, Virginia, AVMA, ECFVG program, 2020, bachelor’s degree of Veterinary Medical Science from Cairo University in Egypt 2005, a Diploma in Poultry and Rabbits diseases from Cairo University 2008.


My passion for animals started at a young age since my father was also a veterinarian. Since I was young, I loved joining my dad and watching him treating and helping his patients feel better and saving the lives of animals and pets, in school, I fell in love with the energy of emergency medicine. I love cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, and birds. I worked for a while in general practice, however, I’ve been passionate to get into the emergency practice to fulfil my dream and love for emergency medicine since college, I’m always excited to help pet owners and patients to feel happy again, especially in emergency situations, Pender fit this bill perfectly as it’s a 24 hours facility, I strive to make sure that my Patients are receiving the best care until complete recovery. I cannot wait to live the dream every day.